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Public Relations
We write and distribute press releases, create media kits, create bookmarks, create and write content for brochures and flyers, and make media contacts for you

​We write and edit newsletters, blogs, Web content, online news stories, books, white papers, academic papers, articles, employment information and columns
We research and write articles for newspapers, newsletters, Web sites, magazines, blogs and e-zines
Journalistic Surveys
We will write content for posters, flyers, cards, invitations, bookmarks and more
We will call clients, government agencies, industry representatives and others to find out information needed for your company.
Special Events Marketing


  • ​  Reasonable, flexible rates (by the hour or by the project)
  •   Expertise in different industries
  •   Flexibility to meet your needs
  •   Integrity and honesty
  •   Top-quality products or service quickly
  •   Availability when you need it
  •   Dependability (we rarely miss a deadline!)

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​Consider this: Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue received thousands in donations due to press releases we wrote.

The Anna M. Schofield House rented the bed and breakfast every summer for more than $5000 a summer due to brochure content we provided.

Crawford and O'Brien is a successful SEO marketing company winning new clients because of the high-quality content we offer.

Cendencon received calls from two editors for stories on the company, which brought in business.

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We have published three books in the romantic adult novel The 1776 series: The 1776 Scroll,The 1776 Inn and The 1776 Musket.

Notorious Nick series, a children's series about a nine-year-old wizard with hyperactive magical malady (HAMM). He fights the Superintendent and Principal. The market is large. The series is high-quality. Looking for publisher for print versions.
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The 1776 Scroll of Secrets available.

Charlie Schofield is a witch trying to find her destiny and her true love. She is kidnapped over a magic scroll. She is the only one who can unlock the magic. Is the scroll a hoax or the key to her true love?
The 1776 Bed and Breakfast was released last year.

Angelique Chalfonte is trying to save her bed and breakfast from thefts, fires, sabotage, accidents and bankruptcy. She wonders if the mysterious man she meets is the cause of her problems, but as she tries to find out, she puts her life in danger!
LAST Small Business Marketing Packages

For a low monthly fee, we will be your all-around content marketing concierge. We will provide you four blogs per month, one press release per month, and other writing and editing as needed. We will write content for your Web site for a small additional cost. You can choose to increase your press release counts and decrease your blog counts for the same low fee. All packages include $200 setup fee.

LAST Word Basic Plan  ($500 a Month)

Includes two press releases, two blog per month and one hour of social media coaching (a $600 value)

LAST Page Gold Plan ($800 a month)

Includes three press releases a month, four blogs a month, 100 posts a month and three hours of social media coaching a month (a $1,050 value)

​LAST Chapter Premium Plan ($1,100 a month) 

Includes four press releases a month, four blogs a month, unlimited social media posting a month, five hours of social media coaching a month, five hours of miscellaneous work a month and digital marketing plus a video (a $3,000 value).

​Please note that LAST Research and Editing offers a different rate structure for nonprofits. The price structure doesn't include digital marketing services. If you wish to add digital marketing, expect to double the prices. Thank you.
We understand how confusing it can be for small business owners. They have to consider spelling and grammar, search engine optimization, press releases, blogs and other types of writing or editing. You need someone who is well-versed in all these types of writing to market your business. We are the ones you need. Just choose one of these packages. Thank you for your interest. We appreciate your business. Because you mean so much to us, we are offering you a discount for the month of January. Call now to find out how much.
LAST Small Business A la Carte Marketing Menu

Press Release        
Web site content   
Social media         
Marketing Materials 
Manuscript editing   
Misc. editing 
Scholarship essay writing
Resume writing/editing         
Marketing classes    online via

​Please note that LAST Research and Editing offers a different rate structure for nonprofits.
Notorious Nick and the Terrifying Tornado is available on
The 1776 Musket
Lynn Binary is a typical college freshman studying computer programming. Her world is forever changed when she meets Solomon Adams, the hot new teaching assistant, and a bomb explodes in the university library where Cookie Stockton works. All of sudden, Lynn is needed to help capture the bomber before the killer strikes again. Will they be able to stop the bomber and kindle their budding relationship or will they lose everything?